Moving Breath Pilates Client Testimonials
Create a life of balance.

Patricia B

"Dear Virginia,

Before another day passes, I owe you some thanks.

Thank you for all of the work you helped me to do in preparation for my knee surgery. The nurse therapist who’s been seeing me here at home says I am a rock star patient, and clearly leading her current group in progress and prowess.

In fact, according to Angie, my current progress – as measured! – is approximately ten days ahead of what’s deemed the best patient standard post-knee replacement. Even better, she says, is that it is noticeable that there is some strength behind the flexibility, so she’s sure what I’m doing isn’t just adrenalin fueled while she’s here!

I couldn’t be doing this if you hadn’t persisted and really pushed me to put real thought and energy into those “pre-hab” hours.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t wait to get back to my regular class!

Patricia B"

Paula H

"I have taken Pilates lessons from Virginia Nicholas for 14 months.

Since taking from Virginia, I am continuing to increase my core strength, and to steadily reduced back pain. The back pain that used to be a constant occurrence now presents as infrequent minor spasms. I am also improving my posture and alignment. As a 68 year old, it is a real accomplishment for me to become athletic for the first time in my life, and to see my body becoming stronger and straighter as I age.

Virginia's combined experience as an ER nurse, her many years as a professional dancer, her MA in theater specializing in kinestheology, not to mention her extensive Pilates training under Michele Larsson, an internationally known Pilates master, create a unique understanding of movement. This background, along with her creativity, empower her to heal.

She is equally able to train beginners, rehab clients, and elite athletes. She works with many students to rehab back, shoulder or hip pain. I have seen her coach Parkinsons patients to improve their movement quality, and make their movement easier. I have seen her help elite athletes move past their personal limitations by demonstrating different movement strategies. Beginners are able to move ahead more rapidly because of her precise observations and corrections.

She has great understanding of anatomy, physiology, movement patterns, and is able to use it to help her clients gain strength, flexibility, flow, and physical confidence. I feel very privileged to have her as a teacher.

Paula H"

Mary W

"I’ve been going twice a week for five years to Moving Breath Pilates. My instructor has rehabilitated me immensely these past years from painful arthritis and most recently from hip replacement. I started experiencing painful knees about 15 years ago and attributed it to old age and arthritis.

By the time I arrived at MBP, I had a hard time walking, moving, working at home and at the office. I no longer went shopping for groceries and for anything else because walking was too painful and I feared not being able to get back to the car. At work, just getting up from a chair, standing and moving was painful and slow.

Looking back, I’m amazed at my progress. What was once painful going from car to the MBP studio is now pain free. I had no expectations of what Pilates was or what it could do for me. None. The only reference point I had was a friend who recommended this studio (10 years earlier!) and a young, teenage friend of my son (also many years earlier). Regrets? Yes, for waiting so long.

Mary W"